Stelena + I love you in ‘Resident Evil’


It’s just really nice to shoot such a nostalgic episode because Seasons 1, 2 ad 3 were my favorite seasons of the show. I was able to recreate some of that which was really nice.” (x)


it looks like niall fucking sneezed and turned into david beckham


Happy 24th Birthday Wojciech Szczesny!!!


Marco + t-shirt

It’s enough, just to find love. It’s the only thing to be sure of. So hard to let go of, a thousand times or more. I was close to a fault line, Heaven knows you showed up in time. Was it real? Now I feel, like I’m never coming down.

@NiallOfficial: Got home from the party and made instant curry noodles! you should see my pantry! Full of them

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